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Super-charge the thinking efficiency and productivity of teams

The Workshop:

SYNERGISE workshops are specifically designed to super-charge the thinking efficiency and productivity of teams. They are ideal for newly formed teams who are looking for a flying start or established teams that need to improve their thinking efficiency and productivity. They focus on behavioural aspects, tools and processes and the self-management of the team.

The workshop can be neutral or focussed on the particular needs of the group. They can also be applied to a real life focus or foci to provide tangible deliverables

Typical Agenda:

Introduction and Aims: Setting the scene and establishing the agenda for the workshop.

Behavioural Aspects: A session examining the pre-requisites and ingredients required for a high performing team. This also includes establishing the specific behaviours that will enable this particular team to deliver high levels of efficiency and productivity.

Managing Group Thinking: Laying the foundations for the effective management of the teams thinking. This includes the core principals of effective facilitation.

Tools and Processes: The introduction of a set of systematic thinking tools and processes. These will be selected depending upon the needs of the team and the focus of the subsequent tasks. The tools and processes are robust, proven and guaranteed to deliver results.

Thinking Tasks: A series of neutral tasks that enable the practice of the application of the tools with a focus on team efficiency and productivity.

Group Tasks: Work related tasks with a previously agreed focus or focii. Typically, these involve idea generation or the resolution of a problem (technical or non-technical in nature).

Capture and Reporting: We ensure that everything is captured, collated and fed back in an agreed and appropriate format.


SYNERGISE workshops are usually between one and two days.


For the true benefits of the workshop to be long lasting, it is important that the entire team attends.


All of our workshops are fully tailored to meet the precise needs of our clients. They are delivered by a seasoned facilitator, using state of the art and unique systematic thinking tools and processes.

Rest assured, you will be in very safe hands.

If you feel that a workshop has the potential to add value to you and your organisation, please feel free to get in touch using the form on the right.

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