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Manage super-efficient and highly productive meetings

The Programme:

Given that meetings can be the source of much frustration and dissatisfaction, this has the potential of being an immensely valuable area to develop. RUNNING EFFECTIVE MEETINGS will make meetings more efficient, productive and satisfying for all attendees.


The programme will develop the skills of those who lead and manage meetings, so that the thinking that takes place is super-efficient and productive. This will lead to significantly more valuable output.


Introduction and Aims: Setting the scene and detailing the agenda for the programme.

Why a Meeting?: Understanding the purpose of meetings and determining whether a meeting is the answer.

Behavioural Aspects: Developing an understanding of the behaviours that will either help or hinder the efficiency and productivity of meetings. This includes approaches for effectively encouraging and managing the helpful behaviours and discouraging and managing the hindering behaviours.

Meeting Format: Determining the right format and agenda for the meeting.

Managing Thinking: Processes for effectively managing the thinking that takes place during meetings, ensuring that there is high quality and high volume output.

Tools and Processes: Introducing a set of systematic thinking tools and processes that will unleash the thinking capabilty of meeting participants. These include tools and processes for idea generation, problem solving, prioritisation and selection and group decision making.

Capturing Output: Highlighting the need to capture all of the output and methods for doing so effectively.

What Next?: What to consider as the meeting closes and how to build an effective action plan to take things forward.

Action Planning and Close: A closing session including the development of action plans to assist with transferring the learning into the workplace.


1 or 2 days, depending upon the depth of input required.


The maximum number of participants is 8.


All of our workshops are fully tailored to meet the precise needs of our clients. They are delivered by a seasoned facilitator, using state of the art and unique systematic thinking tools and processes.

Rest assured, you will be in very safe hands.

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