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New products, services, processes and systems that introduce new benefits


We use the term 'real' innovation as we feel the term innovation alone is often misunderstood and over used. It has become a 'buzz word' and is often used as a substitute for creativity, forward thinking, or great products and services.

Many senior managers admit that thier organisations are not that innovative, yet the term still appears on their website and their corporate literature. After all, there are few organisations that would be happy to openly admit that they are not innovative.

For us, understanding innovation is quite simple. It has to deliver real and meaningful benefits over and above those that can currently be realised (through any other means). The greater the benefits, the greater the innovation.

We help and support our clients through the entire innovation process. From identifying opportunities to innovate and generating ideas and concepts that will best satisfy those opportunities, to turning ideas and concepts into reality.

We deliver real innovation.

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The innovation process is easily explained (as processes often are), yet there are critical considerations at each stage, most of which are fundamental. The simplified process is as follows:

1. Focus (a clear and agreed direction)

2. Idea/concept generation

3. First cut (initial selection)

4. Strengthening

5. Selection and prioritisation

6. Working up

7. Implementation

8. Review

We have developed and refined a set of robust and proven systematic thinking tools and processes that ensure that the innovation process is enacted successfully and delivers at each stage.


Processes alone are usually insufficient to ensure success. For a process to deliver effectively, it has to be balanced with the right behaviours and effective management.

We have a unique understanding of the behavioral and management aspects that need to be developed to ensure that the innovation process delivers to its full potential.

These include individual and group behaviours (and thinking suppressants) and the management of the thinking required to maximise the efficiency and productivity of the process.

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