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Supporting clients to rapidly solve problems, with guaranteed results


Problems and challenges come in all shapes and sizes. Some are easy to solve, others more challenging. Either way, they are an inevitable part of business life.

How efficient an organisation is at rapidly finding and implementing the best solutions, is variable.

We rarely encounter a manager who does not support the sentiment that it would be extremely useful for their teams to be more forthcoming with solutions rather than problems.

If developing the problem solving skills of your people would be beneficial or you would like help in tackling a particular problem, please get in touch. You can also find out more about our problem solving workshops and training programmes by following the links.



Technical problems can be extremely challenging, often seemingly impossible to solve.

The solution to the really tough problems is often found in the form of compromise.

Your problem is more than likely to have been solved by someone, in some industry, at some point in time, somewhere.

Our technical problem solving approaches enable you to systematically solve the toughest of problems, without compromise. We provide access to the worlds knowledge of inventive principles, based upon the analysis of millions of worldwide patents from different industries over time.



There are many factors which combine to make problem solving a challenge. Some are more surprising than others but all have the potential to suppress a healthy flow of solutions.

Some of the more common suppressants include:

  • Being bound by knowledge
  • Established neural pathways
  • Functional fixedness
  • Lack of effective tools and processes
  • Poor peer behaviours
  • Lack of management encouragement and support

We remove these suppressants and pave the way for truly efficient and productive problem solving.

With the suppressants removed and the introduction of robust and proven systematic problem solving tools and processes, rapid solutions will flow.