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Understand how to develop, manage and lead a thinking organisation

The Programme:

There are many implications that managers and leaders need to consider if they are serious about capitalising upon thinking efficiency and productivity within their organisations. This programme explores these implications and demonstrates how to develop, manage and lead a thinking organisation.


To explore the management and leadership behaviours that will allow thinking efficiency and productivity to flourish within an organisation. It is also designed to allow for individual reflection to identify changes in behaviour that will successfully contribute towards this.


Introduction and Aims: Setting the scene and outlining the agenda for the programme.

Behavioural Aspects: Understanding the behavioural aspects that need to be considered to ensure that thinking efficiency and productivity can flourish. This includes individual and group behaviours.

What is Thinking Efficiency and Productivity?: Exploring the nature of thinking efficiency and productivity in organisations. Why it is often suppressed and how to remove the suppressants. What the benefits are of allowing thinking to flourish and how it can be applied on a daily basis and make a significant impact on the future success of individuals, teams, departments and entire organisations.

Management Versus Leadership: Understanding the difference between management and leadership and the role they both play in developing a thinking organisation.

Tansformational Leadership: Creating a thorough understanding of the concepts behind Transformational Leadership and why it plays such an important role in unleashing thinking efficiency and productivity. There is ample opportunity for personal reflection and the identification of changes in leadership behaviours that will have a positive impact in creating a thinking organisation.

Management Support: A study of the various options that are available to provide management support in an appropriate way that will continue to develop the thinking skills of the organisation. We also explore how to decide how to select which form of management support to provide and when and how to provide it.

The Implications of our Behaviour and Actions: A session to further reflect on our own behaviours and the implications of our actions and the impact thay they have on others.

Action Planning and Close: A closing session including the development of action plans to assist with transferring the learning into the workplace.


1 + 1 days. It is possible to break these down into 4 x 1/2 days.


A maximum number of 8 participants in suitable management or leadership roles.


All of our workshops are fully tailored to meet the precise needs of our clients. They are delivered by a seasoned facilitator, using state of the art and unique systematic thinking tools and processes.

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