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Understand what innovation is and how to make it happen

The Programme:

Our INNOVATION training is a comprehensive programme which takes you through each stage of the innovation process from identifying where innovation is required to it's final implementation.


The aims of the programme are to develop an understanding of the entire innovation process and the skills required to enact it effectively.


Introduction and Aims: Setting the scene and creating the right environment for effective learning and development.

Innovation Versus Creativity: Understanding the difference between innovation and creativity. Whilst linked, they are very different in nature.

Behavioural Aspects: Ensuring we understand the behavioural aspects of innovative thinking, with an emphasis on group thinking beheviours.

Identifying a Focus: Tools and approaches that enable us to identify appropriate opportunities to innovate. Underpinning these opportunities is ensuring that we are developing additional benefits over and above those that can currently be realised.

Generating Ideas and Concepts: Systematic thinking tools and processes that enable the generation of high volumes of ideas and concepts to a given focus. This also includes turning concepts into practical ideas.

First Cut: Methods to scale down a high number of ideas and concepts to a manageble number to take forward, ensuring that we are focussing on the right ones.

Working Up: Key things to consider when 'working up' our ideas so that they are in the best possible condition prior to any final selection decisions. This includes strengthening the strengths and eliminating any weaknesses.

Prioritisation and Selection: Techniques to enable us to make the right final selection decisions as to which of our ideas to implement. Part of this includes developing the right criteria by which to make those decisions.

Final Development: The key considerations when further developing our ideas prior to implementation.

Implementation: How to build an effective and comprehensive implementation plan to ensure that our innovations successfully deliver their intended additional value.

Feedback and Review: Highlighting bthe need to monitor progress and seek feedback from the appropriate quarters.

Managing a Flow of Innovation: How to manage an innovation pipeline so that we achieve as consistent a flow as possible of innovative ideas and concepts.

Action Planning and Close: A closing session including the development of action plans to assist with transferring the learning into the workplace.


2 Days


The number of participants is restricted to a maximum of 12.


All of our workshops are fully tailored to meet the precise needs of our clients. They are delivered by a seasoned facilitator, using state of the art and unique systematic thinking tools and processes.

Rest assured, you will be in very safe hands.

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