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Make great innovation happen, rapidly and with ease

The Workshop:

INNOVATE workshops make innovation happen. Providing the opportunity for innovation has been established and there is a clear goal, the workshop will systematicaslly take participants through the innovation process.

Innovation is about the implementation of ideas or concepts that will deliver additional benefits over and above those that can currently be realised. With this is mind, a pre-requisite for an Innovate workshop, is that an idea or concept has been established. If this is not yet the case, then you may wish to initially consider a GENERATE workshop.

Typical Agenda:

Our workshops are tailored to the specific requirements of each client, depending on the ideal final result that they are seeking to achieve. Therefore, the agenda is built around this, and the following is offered as a guide only.

Introduction and Aims: Setting the scene and agreeing the agenda for the day.

Behavioural Aspects: Depending on the group, it may be necessary to address some behavioural aspects of group thinking to ensure that any subsequent tasks remain focussed, efficient and productive.

Idea or Concept?: When we talk about ideas and concepts, they are very different. Ideas are specific and implementable. On the other hand, concepts are general and being conceptual, have not been driven through to an implementable state. An initial stage of innovation is to determine what ideas and concepts we have identified that address our ultimate goal.

Developing Concepts: Using systematic approaches and group tasks, we will take any concepts and generate ideas that will turn them from a conceptual state into an implementable one.

Initial Selection (First Cut): Given that there may be several ideas (or innovations) at this stage that satisfy our goal, we may need to make some initial selection decisions in order to end up with a suitable number to 'work up'.

Strengthening: An essential part of the process is to ensure that our ideas are as strong as possible before final selection. This requires maximising the strengths and eliminating, reducing or compensating for any inherent weaknesses. This stage may also include applying tools and processes that will ensure that we are maximising the benefits (or useful functions) of our idea whilst eliminating, reducing or compensating for any costs and harms (undesirable outputs). This process will help ensure that our ideas are as ideal as possible.

Selection and Prioritisation: Applying systematic approaches to make our final selection decision. This includes the development of the right critieria (and weighting, if required) to ensure the correct decision is made.

Planning Implementation: Having made our final decision, the final phase of the workshop is to develop an appropriate action plan to ensure successful implementation and launch.

Capture, Collation and Reporting: We ensure that everything is captured, collated and fed back in an agreed and appropriate format.


The duration of the workshop is variable and will be dependent upon many factors. It is also quite normal for several interventions to be required, depending upon the scale of the innovation.


We will advise you on the who and how many participants would be ideal to attend.


All of our workshops are fully tailored to meet the precise needs of our clients. They are delivered by a seasoned facilitator, using state of the art and unique systematic thinking tools and processes.

Rest assured, you will be in very safe hands.

If you feel that a workshop has the potential to add value to you and your organisation, please feel free to get in touch using the form on the right.

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