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Generate high volumes of ideas and concepts on demand

The Programme

IDEA GENERATION is a comprehensive training programme that includes everything you need to be able to generate high volumes of ideas and concepts on demand. It covers the entire process, from defining the right focus, to prioritisation and selection techniques and everything between.

The programme is highly participative and very much application and task driven. The nature of the tasks can either be neutral or have business related focii, leading to valuable and practical output.


To enable participants to generate high volumes of good ideas and concepts on demand.


Introduction and Aims: An opening session setting the scene and agreeing the agenda and learning objectives for the programme. During this initial part of the programme, we also create the right environment for constructive learning and development to take place.

Behavioural Science: Understanding the nature of thinking and the potential suppressants that may have inhibited our ability or willingness to be creative. These include both internal suppressants (the things that go on in our own minds) and external suppressants (typically peer and management behaviours).

By understanding and (where possible) removing the suppressants we pave the way for the efficient and productive application of the thinking tools and processes that follow.

The Process: It is essential that we understand the process of idea and concept generation. This alone will make a significant contribution to the volumes of ideas and concepts we are able to generate.

The Importance of Focus: Highlighting the need for a clear and agreed focus for our thinking and how to develop the right focus.

The Value of Synergy: Highlighting the importance and value of harnessing synergy when thinking in a group.

Thinking Tools and Processes: A broad selection of powerful, robust and proven systematic thinking tools and processes that enable the generation of vast numbers of ideas and concepts on demand. The delivery of the tools and processes is interlaced with appropriate tasks to enable the application and practice of the tools.

Prioritisation and Selection: Techniques for prioritising the considerable number of ideas and concepts that have been generated and systematic approaches for making the right selection decisions.

Action Planning and Close: A closing session including the development of action plans to assist with transferring the learning into the workplace.


2 Days


The minimum number of perticipants is 6, with a maximum number of 12.


All of our workshops are fully tailored to meet the precise needs of our clients. They are delivered by a seasoned facilitator, using state of the art and unique systematic thinking tools and processes.

Rest assured, you will be in very safe hands.

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