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Developing the behaviours and skills to unleash thinking efficiency and productivity


We see little evidence of any constructive emphasis being place on the development of thinking skills. This is in the shadow of a seemingly constant demand for more ideas, better solutions and innovation. We know from experience, that enhancing thinking efficiency and productivity significantly impacts on an individuals or teams success and the success of the organisations they work for.

We also know that our thinking is often suppressed.


Often, thinking is inherantly flawed and restricted by many factors. Below are just some examples as to why we may not be fulfilling our true thinking potential.

  • Our thinking is naturally suppressed
  • We are bound by knowledge
  • Peer or management behaviours suppress our ability or willingness
  • We lack time and discipline
  • Lack of effective thinking tools and processes
  • Thinking is poorly managed
  • Our neural pathways rule!


We have a unique and deep understanding of thinking efficiency and productivity. This understanding has led to the development of a powerful approach and a set of easy to learn and apply, robust and proven systematic tools and processes. The appropriate application of these, guarantees results.

Our approach principally relies on developing three elements. Behaviours, 'tools and processes' and management. It is where these three elements overlap that enables true thinking efficiency and productivity. The 'sweet spot'. Find out more below.


The 'sweet spot' is where the right behaviours, effective tools and processes and management overlap. Our focus is on developing where these three areas combine. Whether you are attempting to innovate, solve problems or simply be creative, true thinking efficiency and productivity can only be achieved with the correct balance.


The behaviours fall into two main camps. Firstly, our own behaviours. These are not just outward behaviours that we display to one another but also the behaviours that go on internally, in our own minds. Both of which have a significant impact on thinking efficiency and productivity.


These are the tools and processes that enable the generation of high volumes of good ideas, concepts and solutions on demand (including solutions to problems of a highly technical nature). These are robust, proven, and if applied correctly, guaranteed to deliver positive results.


The management element is all encompassing. It includes the management of thinking (facilitation) and, cultural, 'man management' and leadership aspects. It is essential that these are addressed for thinking to flourish.

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